What is a 404 error page?

Answer Encountering a 404 error page (also known as a 404 error message) means that the Internet browser is unable to locate or connect to a specific Web page on a domain.Incorrect Domain NameA 404 error ... Read More »

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What does an error 404 on a web page mean?

You will receive the HTTP Error 404 message when you attempt to visit a Web page that does not exist or has been taken down. When this error appears, your Web browser is letting you know that it co... Read More »

What does an""error on page""mean?

Browsing the Internet can lead to some strange and sometimes obnoxious places. As more websites pop up, not every one of them is constructed correctly, resulting in error messages."Error On Page"T... Read More »

When you click at a link and get a "page error", what can be the causes :) ?

The causes is almost definitely a server problem. If you are able to click on other links and visit other websites just fine, then it's almost asuredly a problem with the particular link you are a... Read More »

I keep getting the following error message: page requested not found ...check the url. what should i do and?

URL is the address of a web site eg: are probably typing in a URL that dosent exist - thus page requested not found.Type in the correct URL.