What is a 403b retirement account?

Answer A 403b plan is a tax-advantaged retirement account that a nonprofit employer offers its employees. It is similar to a 401k plan that a for-profit company offers its employees.EligibilityYou can con... Read More »

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Is my 403b retirement account insured?

No, 403b retirement accounts are not covered by FDIC insurance; 403b accounts can only be invested in annuities or mutual funds, and neither of these account types can be covered by FDIC insurance.... Read More »

How do I withdraw funds from a 403b retirement account?

Contact Your Financial InstitutionThe financial institution that has your 403b retirement account will have an institution-specific form for you to complete to take a withdrawal from your 403b plan... Read More »

How to Withdraw Funds From a 403b Retirement Account?

There are a number of retirement accounts available to Americans. In addition to the popular 401k and IRA plans, there is the 403b tax-sheltered annuity plan. It is similar to other retirement plan... Read More »

What is a 403b employee retirement plan?

A 403b employee retirement plan is a tax-advantaged plan run by the employer for the benefit of the employees. A 403b plan is very similar to a 401k plan except 403b plans are for nonprofits and ed... Read More »