What is a 403b employee retirement plan?

Answer A 403b employee retirement plan is a tax-advantaged plan run by the employer for the benefit of the employees. A 403b plan is very similar to a 401k plan except 403b plans are for nonprofits and ed... Read More »

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Does an employee retirement plan affect disability eligibility?

Although individual organizations may structure their employee benefit plans in a variety of ways, an employee's participation in a retirement plan does not exclude that same employee from eligibil... Read More »

What is a 403b retirement account?

A 403b plan is a tax-advantaged retirement account that a nonprofit employer offers its employees. It is similar to a 401k plan that a for-profit company offers its employees.EligibilityYou can con... Read More »

What is a 403b& 457 plan?

Types of retirement plans, 403b and 457 plans are accounts that allow working people to save money for retirement. The 403b plan is for individuals who work for tax-exempt organzations and public s... Read More »

Is my 403b retirement account insured?

No, 403b retirement accounts are not covered by FDIC insurance; 403b accounts can only be invested in annuities or mutual funds, and neither of these account types can be covered by FDIC insurance.... Read More »