What is a 401k hardship withdrawal penalty?

Answer A 401k plan is a tax-deferred retirement account that may be offered by your employer to help you save for retirement. Contributions to your 401k account are tax-deductible and the money grows tax-... Read More »

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SEP and IRA Hardship Withdrawal?

Unlike a 401(k), you are not prohibited from taking a distribution from either a SEP or a traditional IRA at any time. If you run into a difficult situation, you may find yourself using that saving... Read More »

ING Hardship Withdrawal Rules?

An individual retirement arrangement (IRA) is a retirement savings product offered by ING Direct (ING), a global financial institution. ING is one of many financial institutions that offers both tr... Read More »

IRA Hardship Withdrawal Without Penalties?

An individual retirement account gives taxpayers a way to save for their retirement and defer taxes on the investments. Because of this deferral, there are rules about withdrawing money from an IRA... Read More »

Can I Take an Economic Hardship Disbursement From My 401k?

For people facing financial difficulties, a retirement fund such as a 401k account may offer access to cash. However, not all plans allow hardship disbursements, and there are significant penalties... Read More »