What is a 3G weld?

Answer A groove weld in the verticle position.

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Butt Weld Vs. Socket Weld?

The butt weld and the socket weld are two different ways to weld two pieces of material together. The joint weld is specific to pipe or tubing, but there is a similar condition for flat stock.

What Is a 3G Weld Test?

The 3G weld test is an informal term for the 3G MIG Welding Certification test. This test demonstrates a welder's ability to conduct metal inert gas welding in the upright, flat and horizontal posi... Read More »

What will Millermatic 120 weld?

The Millermatic 120 is a type of welder known as a MIG (metal inert gas) welder. MIG technology came about in the 1940s, and is for welding aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.References:Miller: ... Read More »

What happnes if you weld with out a mask?

What type of welding?I have done Arc and MiG you would get serious retina burn and probably splattered with molten weld material. That hurts cover your arms and legs too.Get a good mask dude one of... Read More »