What is a 3G network?

Answer The acronym "3G" stands for "third generation." This type of network is the third generation of mobile communications technology. There have been two generations prior to the 3G network.First Gener... Read More »

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What channel is Oprah Winfrey network on bright house network?

What should I do if my wireless network won't show up on the network list?

First check the router to make sure that the visibility of the wifi is enabled - My routers are hidden by choice and do not broadcast their SSID's (making them invisible). Reset the router - The pr... Read More »

What cable network began life as the Pinwheel Network in the 1970s on QUBE in Columbus Ohio?

What happens if I access an open wireless network that if I don't know the owner of the network?

If they find out they can have you arrested for theft of services.