What is a 2-wire phone cord?

Answer If you are still using a land line in your home to connect a telephone or modem, then you are using a cord to connect to the wall jack. The standard phone cord for this type of use is a 2-wire, var... Read More »

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How to Change a Dryer Cord From a 3-Wire to a 4-Wire on a Roper?

As with most clothes dryers manufactured for use in the United States, the Roper electric dryer works with either a three-wire power cord or a four-wire standard. The four-wire cord is required by ... Read More »

I need a longer cord for my DSL connection , from the wall to modem, is this just a basic phone cord?

Yes! all it is is a basic phone cord..

My cat chewed through the AC adapter wire to my home phone. I fixed the wire but the phone won't work. Help!?

Does an Ethernet cord work as a phone cord?

While Ethernet cables are capable of carrying phone signals, rigging one up could be complicated. The ends of Ethernet cables are wider than phone cables, meaning you need an adapter, at the very l... Read More »