What is a 2-stage heating system?

Answer In a two-stage heater, natural gas brings the air to two different temperatures--high and low--in separate compartments, allowing for a more even, efficient seasonal heater that is best suited for ... Read More »

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What Is Single Stage Heating & Cooling?

Single-stage heating and cooling systems operate at a fixed level of operation for the entire time that the mechanical unit runs. These older, conventional systems produce a set rate of heating or ... Read More »

How to Fix a Car Heating System?

The heating system in your car does more than just keep the interior warm in cold weather. It keeps the engine cool by ventilating the engine heat elsewhere. Fixing any problems with your heating s... Read More »

Which heating system is better?

On One Hand: Consider Installation CostsIf you are building or buying a new home and can choose the type of heating system it will have, you have to be concerned about how much it will cost. A syst... Read More »

What is the best heating&cooling system?

On One Hand: Geothermal Heat Pumps Are Most EfficientIn locales with moderate heating and cooling needs, geothermal heat pumps set the standard for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Geothermal hea... Read More »