What is a 1993 Precious Moments Indian doll worth?

Answer Precious Moments figurines and dolls vary greatly in value depending on scarcity, demand and condition. For Native American (Indian) theme figures from the early 1990s, including those from 1993, ... Read More »

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What do bottom marks mean on Precious Moments?

The marks on the bottom of Precious Moments figurines are production marks. Enesco started putting them on figurines in 1981 to identify the year in which each individual figurine was manufactured.... Read More »

How much is the first I Love Lucy doll worth?

Issued by Mattel in 1997, the first I Love Lucy doll is worth on average $55 to $95, depending on condition of doll and original packaging.Source:Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll 2008: Ident... Read More »

What is the meaning of precious&semi precious stones?

Centuries ago, "precious" and "semi-precious" were terms used to describe gems. Precious stones were considered more valuable and scarcer than semi-precious stones. Value and rarity of gems have ch... Read More »

How much is the Ideal Baby Crissy life-sized doll worth?

On One Hand: Wrapped Crissy DollThe company, Ideal, no longer exists. This means unwrapped life-sized Crissy dolls become more and more scarce with each passing year. A wrapped doll in mint conditi... Read More »