What is a 1971 Harley FLH worth?

Answer On One Hand: Vintage Motorcycles Are a CommodityWith the historical and cultural value of an American-made Harley-Davidson FLH, it could be easy to set a high value on the motorcycle. Especially wi... Read More »

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What was one ounce of gold worth in 1971?

The average price of gold in 1971 was $40.81 per ounce, according to the World Gold Council. The price ranged from a low of $37.39 to a high of $43.98 per ounce. The year marked the beginning of a ... Read More »

How much HP/Torque are the "Harley Tax" upgrades worth?

What did all that cost you, an extra $2k? Here is a very easy super upgrade for your sportster, for $4K you can have an additional 100hp. Just add a used 600 sportbike.

What day of the week was march 14, 1971?

March 14, 1971, was a Sunday. On that day, Barbra Streisand appeared on "The Burt Bacharach Special," the Rolling Stones went to France to keep from paying taxes in England and South Vietnamese tro... Read More »

What is a carburetor for a 1971 Impala?

A carburetor for automotive applications is a device employed to mix air and fuel prior to the mixture entering the engine's cylinders for combustion. Like all cars of its time, the 1971 Impala has... Read More »