What is a 1970s car worth?

Answer On One Hand: Make & ModelThe first step in determining a car's value is associating what make and model the car is. Car valuations vary from each make and model. It is impossible to determine a v... Read More »

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What was the cost of air travel in the 1970s?

Air travel in the 1970s was more expensive than in the early 21st century. An economy class ticket to fly from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco was $300 round trip, or $1,650 adjusted for inflati... Read More »

What Are the Top 10 Muscle Cars in the 1970s?

True muscle cars are vintage 1960s and 1970s. They were usually mid-sized, two-doors with massive engines and rear-wheel drive and as assembly line vehicles, they were relatively inexpensive. Unlea... Read More »

What did nasa begin doing in the 1970s?

if my calculations are correct.....i say that the age for NASA's training is as soon as you are potty trained.....jk......until you are 30

What is EF EF Industries Chicago from the 1970s?

I have an ornate table with EF.EF Industries, INc.Lamp dated 1971