What is a 1394 cable?

Answer A 1394 cable is a cord with two ends: one that plugs into the port of an electronic device and another that plugs into the 1394 port on a computer. A 1394 cable is also known as a FireWire cable.13... Read More »

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Can you use a firewire cable IEEE 1394 cable to transfer data between two computers?

YES. Even a Mac to a PC. However it requires setup. And no $1 FW cables.PC: Firewire ie1394 device - check if enabled and functioning in device manager. Services - same need to be runnin... Read More »

What Is an IEEE 1394 Cable?

The growth of computers and the devices that interface with them often requires communications between the two types of devices. To transfer information, a computer may need to receive and send dat... Read More »

Does a firewire/1394 cable send audio?

An IEEE 1394 cable, also referred to as Firewire, is designed to transfer high quantities of data very quickly. It can carry digital audio and, in fact, one of its most popular uses has been to co... Read More »

What is a 1394 device?

A 1394 device is one whose ports can connect to IEEE 139r (Firewire) cables. Such devices include camcorders, hard drives and scanners. Firewire offers faster connection speeds than even USB 2.0.R... Read More »