What is a 10-year bond yield?

Answer A 10-year bond yield is the interest income that the holder will receive on bonds held for 10 years. Yield rate and interest disbursements are directly proportional to one another: Higher yield rat... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Yield on a 5 Year Corporate Bond?

Corporate bonds are issued in increments of $1,000, or par, and pay a fixed rate of interest (coupon rate) each year to the bondholder. Upon maturity, the investor is paid back the principal sum of... Read More »

What is a bond yield curve?

The yield curve is a simple chart that shows the relationship between the maturity (term length) of bonds and their yield, or the rate of interest paid to the lender.OriginsAll bonds carry a rate o... Read More »

How to Calculate After Tax Bond Yield?

Yield is an investment concept that puts the earnings of an investment vehicle into context. It states earnings as a percentage of the initial investment. After-tax bond yield reflects the earnings... Read More »

What is the meaning of bond yield?

Bonds offer a yield that can vary from bond to bond. In exchange for purchasing a bond, the bond issuer offers the investor a yield (dividend as a percentage) that is paid throughout the maturity d... Read More »