Can i take singulair with zoloft?

Answer On One Hand: Singulair and Zoloft Can Be Safely CombinedRxList notes Singulair can be combined with almost any medication safely. RxList states that phenobarbitol and rifampin are the only two medi... Read More »

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Help with Zoloft withdrawl!?

I take this drug, 200mg a day..yeah i can't go w/out it or i feel miserable..and all the negativity that's plagued my mind runs rampid. It is a drug u have to ween urself off of, if ur taking 75 u... Read More »

Which is better: lexapro or zoloft?

On One Hand: Both Prescriptions Affect Unbalanced ChemicalsAccording to, both Zoloft (sertraline) and Lexapro (escitalopram) affect unbalanced chemicals in the brain. They both have the s... Read More »

Can i take Zoloft& Propecia?

On One Hand: Drug Interactions with PropeciaThere have been few, if any, studies of concurrent use of Propecia and Zoloft. However, no clinically significant interactions are known to exist for any... Read More »

Can you take rispidone and zoloft?

While it is not uncommon to prescribe both a atypical anti-psychotic like rispidone along with an SSRI like Zoloft, I am not a doctor and cannot rightfully advise you. You should see a doctor and ... Read More »