What is YouTube clearer on the iPad3?

Answer Well the youtube app itself, this is because it is made for the retina display already on the ipad 3. The other reason is because you cant change the quality with the other 2

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Is the YouTube survey iPhone5, ipad3 giveaway real?

That's totally Scam and Fake , there's no Free Giveaway .. Open your mind

Is the new ipad3 better than the ipad2?

Alright, I will suggest everyone to get the iPad 2. This is because it is lighter and you are very sure that it will give you 10 hours of battery life. As for the new iPad, you are not sure because... Read More »

Which is better the ipad2 or the ipad3?

Well, that main improvements in the Ipad 3 is the screen and the camera and the graphics processor, although the Ipad 2 does already have a great screen, not bad camera and good graphics already an... Read More »

Who is better than ipad3 or ipad2?

We do not know what is wrong with it. Take it to the store and ask for an estimate