What is YOUR video card (survey, 10 points to random answerer)?

Answer i have... 7600GT and getting 8800gt soon=-)wish i had the 9800gx2 =(

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Survey: What is your favorite youtube video?

This one :…

I need a video card driver. 10 Points?

You can download the driver here: you can go to NVidia's website and download drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS. Keep in mind though, that it may NOT be compat... Read More »

Random.... What is in your opinion, the best youtube video ever?

ok, her r the followingANY Fred vid:)Snape Song-Let Me Penetrate YouThe Snape Song-Potions Master 101Harry Potter DubHarry Potter Dub 2the dubs mak me laugh, and so do the fred ones!luv em!

Do you think 300 Kbps is good speed for a broadband connection, good answerer will be get 10 points.?

That speed, 300 kbps, will be good enough for browsing the web, but is not good enough for downloading much in my opinion. You'll get about 30 kB / s, which means that a file that's 5 MB will take ... Read More »