How can you tell if a womans orgasm is real or fake Answers from GUYS ONLY?

Answer I recall when I was a teenager that you could tell one of two ways: if her nipples became hard or if her tummy became flushed.... but between two people who love each other, that SHlT don't matter.... Read More »

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What is the womans name who adds the killer ball in the last round of Golden Balls?

I definelty think they are married.It is all over the news on TV and all over the internet

Are the Wonder Pets real?

As in the animals that are played? (duck, turtle, and hamster) yes. As in animated, no.

What is the name of the wonder dog off of the TV show capain Kangaroo?

There are small groups and individuals producing anime all over the world now, but Japan, where this art began about a hundred years ago, is the largest producer of films in this genre. The Chinese... Read More »

What is Jonnas real name from real world Cancun?