What is WinRAR 3.71?

Answer WinRAR 3.71 is an outdated version of the compression utility WinRAR, which is capable of compressing files larger than .zip files. The program has been updated since the 3.71 version. The latest v... Read More »

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What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a compression application and utility that can archive, back up, and reduce the file size of data. Besides the program WinZip, WinRAR is the most popular compression and archiving utilit... Read More »

What's WinRAR and what can it do?

WinRAR basically allows you to compress files, and/or decompress files that are in the RAR format, so you can view and use them.

What Is WinRAR Archiver?

WinRAR Archiver by RARLAB is a popular, regularly updated archive management software that has reached version 3.93 as of 2010. The software is available in dozens of languages and is used worldwide.

How do I install WinRAR?

Go to WinRAR's website, (see Resources for a link). Click on the link on the left side of the page that says "downloads." Next, choose the correct version of WinRAR that is compatible ... Read More »