What is Virginia's limit on inheritance tax?

Answer In addition to the federal estate tax, many states have taxes on the inheritance of estates, which usually include a cap. Virginia is one such state with limits on inheritance, but most Virginia re... Read More »

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What is an estate or inheritance tax?

The federal United States government imposes estate tax on the value of a deceased person's estate. This tax allows the property to transfer to beneficiaries. In some states, the beneficiaries have... Read More »

What is the new inheritance tax in california?

The California Inheritance Tax law enacted in 1893 ended in 1982. Tax on a deceased's property received by his beneficiaries changed to a death tax. Effective in 1982, the state death tax credit en... Read More »

At what percent do you pay inheritance tax?

Inheritance taxes, also known as estate taxes and gift taxes, are taxable by the Internal Revenue Service only if they are above a certain amount, usually over $1 million. The 2009 rate was 45 perc... Read More »