National Guard Rank Structure?

Answer The modern National Guard can trace its roots back to 1636, when the Massachusetts Bay Colony organized a unified militia for the colony as a response to a conflict with the Pequot tribe of Native ... Read More »

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What rank is sergeant first class in the Army National Guard?

Sergeant first class is an enlisted personnel rank in the Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve. The sergeant first class rank is one step above staff sergeant and a step below master sergean... Read More »

What rank would i be in the national guard if i had an associates degree in nursing?

All individuals who enlist in the National Guard essentially start at the same rank, although their pay grades can vary. If you have an associate degree in nursing but have never served in the mili... Read More »

What will my rank be if i enlist in the national guard with a 4 year degree?

If you have earned a four year degree from an accredited university, meaning you have earned a bachelor's degree, you will come in as an E-4 rank. An E-4 rank carries the title of Specialist/Corpor... Read More »

What is the address for national guard in west Virginia?

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