Useless baby items What are yours?

Answer I agree that diaper genies are useless. I also think Pack N Play cribs are useless, unless you travel a LOT. We got a pack n play and NEVER used it once. Everyone said "Oh, you'll use it like a ... Read More »

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What is the most useless kitchen gadget you own...?

One of those toasted sandwich makers . Hinged at the back so it pushes everything out of the front and it doesn't come apart so it's impossible to clean properly . Simply more hassle than it's worth .

What is the most useless kitchen appliance and why?

Sandwich toaster - nightmare to clean, contents of sandwich get nuclear hot and burn you, plus you already have a perfectly good grill on your oven.

What is the most useless button on your keyboard?

The Insert key when it is accidentally hit. Like when I am adding something in the middle of a sentence and then I accidentally hit the "Insert" key because it is next to the one I wanted, and al... Read More »

What is the most useless thing in your house?

A confetti cannon - like I am ever going to let someone use that in my house! I can't even remember where it came from or who got it - it justs sits on top of the fridge....