What is Unlawful Use of Force?

Answer Cases where the legitimacy of the use of force come into question tend to receive a lot of media attention. However, defining "unlawful use of force" is not simple.IdentificationUnlawful use forc... Read More »

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What Is Unlawful Termination?

Termination from any job can be frustrating, especially when it happens unjustly. Unlawful termination, also known as wrongful termination or dismissal, occurs when an employee is fired on the basi... Read More »

Unlawful Use of a Dumpster?

Some people may assume that dumpsters don't have a lot of laws attached to them, however laws are in place in regards to how a dumpster may be used and when it may be used. Being aware of dumpster ... Read More »

What is unlawful arrest?

An unlawful arrest, also known as a false arrest, is when a person is detained by another person, acting with legal authority, without probable cause (an objective reason) for that arrest being est... Read More »

RICO Definitions of Unlawful Debt?

Congress passed the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in 1970, to target the mafia and other organized crime. The RICO act makes it illegal to be part of an organization ... Read More »