What is Types of money Transfer ?

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What is a wire transfer of money?

Wire transfers are used every day to send and receive money. There are multiple methods and uses for wire transfers of money. Companies such as Western Union and other financial institutions such a... Read More »

What is an electronic money transfer?

An electronic money transfer, also known as a "wire transfer" or "electronic funds transfer" (EFT) is a method by which banks transfer money between accounts electronically. This process of moving ... Read More »

What is a Western Union money transfer?

A friend or family member traveling across the country may find himself in a crunch for money, perhaps due to a stolen wallet or car problems. Whatever the reason, one way to send money is a Wester... Read More »

What is"transfer of money"in the military called?

"Transfer of funds" is the appropriate term for the transfer of money in regards to military spending. Each fiscal year, Congress authorizes funding amounts to government agencies. While the agency... Read More »