What is Twitter I know I sound ridiculous but, I don't know What it is!!!?

Answer Basically you can post what your doing on there. And you can read what your friends and other people are up to. You can read about what famous people are doing, even your boss. Like someone said, i... Read More »

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My TV is making this loud ridiculous buzzing sound, it sounds like it going to blow up...?

It might be the power supply, if the TV is very old just replace it.

My pc dont have any sound!!!!?

go into properties and alter the sound it might have gone off.

I dont have any sound on my laptop please help?

its not on mute so ignore people saying thatif the computer is reporting no sound device then you need to install the drivers for ithere is a link for you…... Read More »

Why my tv apps dont sound thru my receiver?