What is True Back?

Answer According to, True Back is a lightweight, portable orthopedic traction device that is designed to improve and prevent back conditions and disorders.FunctionThe True Back device is said... Read More »

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Is it true that Australian are laid back?

There is a huge difference between being laid back and lazy. Laid back means we do not fuss over the little things. It relates to attitude and after work times, not work ethic. An example is wher... Read More »

Is it true the ipone 4 is made out of glass even the back?

Yes it is, how ever it was supposed to be more scratch resistant but if it takes a too big of a fall it will completely shatter.

What station is True Blood starting back on?

Some time in 2011. No date as of yet. Source ( guess is February Actually, it's more than likely to be July of 2011. SGU, ... Read More »

Is it true that Bo and Carly will hook back up on DAYS?

The spoilers are pointing to an interesting "reunion" with Carly & Bo. Hope takes Ciara & leaves her husband for the 18th time (this might be a BIT of an exaggeration... but noot by much).Carly fli... Read More »