What is Trojan Win32 Monder.gen?

Answer Trojan Win32 Monder.gen, also known as Win32.Monder.gen, is destructive malware that allows attackers remote access to the hijacked computer. Once the computer has been compromised, the attacker ca... Read More »

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What Is a Win32 Trojan-Gen?

The Win-32 Trojan-Gen is a malicious program called a "trojan." A trojan refers to the Trojan horse, and is so named because it usually comes disguised as a desired piece of software, but is actual... Read More »

What is a trojan Win32?

According to PC Magazine, a trojan program "appears legitimate but performs some illicit activity when it is run." The Win32 trojan, per Microsoft, "displays misleading alerts regarding computer pr... Read More »

What is Trojan.Win32.Agent.tpc?

download malwarebytes. a full scan,it will find the viruses/Trojans/infections that you know or might not know were thereand then it just removes them for youthen down... Read More »

What is a Win32 Trojan agent?

A Trojan agent is a type of computer program which may look legitimate, but actually allows a virus author access to your computer and the information on it. A Win32 Trojan agent is a program desig... Read More »