How to Be a Triple H Fan?

Answer Triple H, nicknamed "The Game", "Cerebral Assassin", and "King of Kings", is one of WWE's top known wrestlers. He is currently a 13 time World champion. However, he has several personalities that m... Read More »

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How to Use Triple Seven?

Triple Seven is a synthetic black powder substitute used in muzzleloading rifles. This powder substitute differs from black powder by its chemical composition in that it burns faster and cleaner. N... Read More »

What is Triple Advantage?

Triple Advantage is a credit monitoring product offered by Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. A paid subscription to Triple Advantage allows you to monitor your credit reports and cre... Read More »

What is a triple bypass?

Surgeons perform bypass surgery in order to route blood flow around a blockage in an artery. If more than one blockage needs to be bypassed, the surgery is a double bypass for two blockages or a tr... Read More »

What is a substitute for Triple Sec?

In mixed drinks, you can substitute other orange liqueurs, such as Blue Curacau or Cointreau. If these aren't available, add orange flavor to the drink using a small amount of orange oil, orange ze... Read More »