What is Tricare medical insurance?

Answer Tricare is the major player in the military health system, because it ties in all the aspects of health care for the men and women of the military and their families. It's a supplemental insurance ... Read More »

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If you are carrying medical insurance is it necessary or wise to also get medical payments coverage as part of your auto insurance?

Answer It is not required. Please keep in mind medical insurance on an auto policy only pays in the excess of what your work med doesnt pay.It is a good idea to have the medical payments on your po... Read More »

Is it required by law to bill a patients medical insurance for all procedures performed regardless of the medical facilities knowledge of whether or not it a covered procedure by the insurance?

Not that I know of. If the provider isn't billing - then just send the bill in yourself along with a claim form. When you realize that insurance companies hire inexperienced workers and also that ... Read More »

How do i add a child to tricare military insurance?

Enroll in DEERSEnroll the child in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). You can do this at the base orderly room. The military sponsor must be present or the spouse must hav... Read More »

What are the definitions for liability insurance medical payments insurance uninsured motorist comprehensive and collision for auto insurance?

Answer Liability insurance: The coverage found on any auto policy that handles damage you cause to another person's property, either directly or indirectly with your car.Medical Payments Insurance:... Read More »