Oh no! Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes have split up! this is so depressing. what can i do to->?

Answer You poor little squirrel agent!Rub your squirrel paws all over your face and clean your whiskers and you will feel better.Well a bit better anyway....And think about Antonio Banderas and his lady. ... Read More »

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Who is the father of Katie Price's baby, Harvey?

The father of Katie Price's baby, Harvey, is Dwight Yorke, a professional soccer player for the British team Manchester United, according to Katie Price Online. Harvey was born on May 27, 2002.Sour... Read More »

Pictures of my baby... what would YOU have named him?

Aw, Emmy Jo - he is simply adorable! Thanks so much for sharing with us.Common: John Samuel I kept wanting to put Christopher as the middle name here though, so I definitely agree that Christopher ... Read More »

Why did Oprah have a baby named Vincent when she was 14?

Oprah did have a baby at age 14, but as far as I know, it was never named as it died two weeks after birth.

Can a baby girl be named a junior when born?

As far as I'm aware a baby can be pretty much be named anything if it be Emily Junior or Marshmallow.