What is Token Ring protocol?

Answer Token Ring is a network architecture structure. It's an alternative to the Ethernet architecture, which is more commonly used. Token Ring networks follow the IEEE 802.5 standard (IEEE stands for ... Read More »

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What is the data transfer rate for token ring technology?

As of 1998, the 802.5 standard for token ring networks required that they support bitrates of 4 megabits per second and 16 megabits per second. In 2001, the standard was expanded to include operati... Read More »

What command is used to configure the speed of a token ring interface on a Cisco router?

The speed of the token ring interface on any of the IGS series Cisco routers can be configured to run at either 4 or 16 Mbps. This can be configured with the command "interface tokenring 0" and the... Read More »

Does Token Ring support VoIP?

If someone were to gain access to the Internet and wanted to make a VoIP call utilizing services such as Skype, magicJack or other PC-based VoIP applications, he could ideally make a VoIP call acro... Read More »

Can you access the Internet with a Token Ring network card?

Yes, you can access the Internet with a Token Ring network card. However, for many computers, it requires special steps to use, and there are compatibility issues with different network types. Cons... Read More »