How do I forward a phone from Time Warner cable?

Answer Dial "*72," also known as Star 72, from your Time Warner telephone. Listen for three beeps and a dial tone, then enter the telephone number, including the area code, where you want your calls to be... Read More »

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Has anyone called and gotten through the number about Time Warner losing channels?

yes i got through....this is what i posted on another "yahoo answer" I know that they are busy at Brighthouse.I was just on hold for 34 min. waiting to talk to a customer service rep. When the rep ... Read More »

How do i block phone calls with time warner cable co?

Call a Time Warner customer service representative at 1-888-TW-CABLE (1-888-892-2253) to set up an incoming call block. You can block calls that would rack up charges on your phone bill, such as co... Read More »

Why can't I receive certain calls from people on my digital phone from Time Warner Cable?

call TW.....give them the phone-number....and they will make it work....I had the same problem....every time TW does an date-bank update...they didn't told me how they fixed it, but it worked after... Read More »

With time warner it costs $.08/minute to call Australia on a land line. To call a mobile phone is $1.55 why?

there all like that....I use my calling card for that reason...its still a little cheaper, even cell-phones....I guess there have to pay all kind of are the fees I pay...Australia61$0.... Read More »