Stood on a nail what should i do?

Answer You should go to the doctor's and get a tetanus jab asap.

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What movie is this Saw it in a preview on Starz last May and still can't find it?

"Little Giants" (1994)Starring: Rick Moranis, Ed O'Neill, & Shawna Waldron

Are any of the NASA probes launched for fly byes of the 9 planets still sending signals back to earth?

Yes, many of them are. In fact, both of the Voyager probes are still transmitting data, even from beyond Neptune and past the "heliopause", the boundary between the solar system and interstallar sp... Read More »

Stood on a nail ! Really sore What should I do Urgent Help!?

This sounds not so serious, but if the nail was at all rusty it can infect your foot. I can't remember the name of the infection, but it's serious. Definitley head over to the doctor.Also, you shou... Read More »

What is the best and worst movie M. Night Shyamalan has directed Do you think he still makes good films?

Best - The Sixth Sense, honorable mention for Signs.Worst - The Village.And yes, I think his more recent work show that he is slipping.