Does taking water out of an equilibrium reaction change the equilibrium constant?

Answer No, the equilibrium constant is independent of concentration as long as the ratio of products and reactants remains as is. It can be effected by anything that would influence the ratio of products... Read More »

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What Does Market Equilibrium Mean?

Market equilibrium occurs when the supply and demand of a good sold at a certain price are equal. On a supply and demand graph, market equilibrium occurs where the supply and demand curves intersec... Read More »

Why isn't equilibrium on iTunes?

because it is a true conspiracy theory :)

Can rf equilibrium be played with gamepad?

Rising Force Equilibrium--sometimes called RF Equilibrium--is an MMORPG, or "Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game." You cannot play RF Equilibrium with any type of gamepad or joystick. In... Read More »

How do I Calculate the Equilibrium Constant?

It was French chemist Henry Louis Le Châtelier who established the idea that a system at equilibrium will respond to change in a predictable way. The equilibrium constant is derived from experimen... Read More »