Is (insert extremely popular rock band) the WORST BAND EVER?

Answer Lol, I really agree with you.Can I choose a singer? Well, i'm going to..Lady Gaga. She is extremely talented and her music is so much fresher than most of the stuff that is in the charts, she is al... Read More »

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Is Dr Who popular in America?

He has a cult following here. i like Tom Baker myself, but not nearly as big as he is in the UK.

What is the most popular food in America?

What is America's most popular candy bar?

Snickers is America's most popular candy bar. A mix of chocolate, nougat, caramel and peanuts, Snickers has been produced by Mars since 1930 and has a yearly sales of more than $2 billion.Source:Th... Read More »

Do you like the MTV show "Awkward" is it popular in America?

Yes, I do like it. Jenna's problems are relatable and the show's humor is like a toned-down version of Mean Girls. Season one is pretty good, but the second season is probably my favorite.And yes, ... Read More »