What is The main foods of americans..?

Answer there is no "American" food cuz they eat things from different cultures (the main ones are Italian and Mexican, and Asian foods)

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The main food that is making Americans fat?

I think that it is high fructose corn syrup. It is in everthing packaged especially junk food and it turns off the signal to your brain that you are full so people keep eating way to much food

What percent of americans know what kind of foods is being served to them in a restaurant?

I go to eat, kid. Screw doing forensics on a plate of pulled pork and a baked potato.

What are the 5 main staple foods?

Staple foods are foods that are easily accessible to a country's inhabitants, are consumed most frequently, and provide the majority of calories, especially during times of scarcity and famine. The... Read More »

What are the main foods eaten in England?

Depends where in England your talking about. But people from England are alot like us except the accent trust me I have a friend that used to live in England and he moved here in the US when he was 7.