How to Have a Secret Life Your Parents Don't Know About?

Answer Some people have really strict parents who make you dress a certain way. That stinks. So what can you do about it? Go ahead with your new look, just keep it a secret!

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How to Be a Secret Life of the American Teenager Fan?

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Who is in secret life of an American teenager?

Show names & types: Amy Juergens - girl who gets pregnant at 15 at band camp George Juergens - Amy's father Ashley Juergens - Amy's sister Grace Bowman - Popular christian whos a cheerleaderBen... Read More »

How is the life of a secret service agent?

Boring for me- though you do get introduced to a list of 'missions' which are like episodes of a spy/detective game. And the secret base looks better than any other place on club penguin.

How to Look Like Amy Juergens in Season Four of Secret Life?

Want to be like Amy Juergens? In Season 4 and the end of 3 she is more mature and the best part is, she has Ricky Underwood as her boyfriend! Here's how to be like her. Also, look like her.