Is an Exorcist needed?

Answer It is not a ghost :)Option 1:go to the power options under where you change your screen saver and make sure it isn't set to power down after so long.Option 2:talk to someone who knows about compute... Read More »

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If you don't pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed?

well aren't you just delightfully wicked! :-)

Poll: Is The Exorcist a good film?

Although the film is not made by Wes Craven, it is an excellent film. The overall script adaptation of the novel was phenomenal and all performances were very deep and realistic. The film is also q... Read More »

What was the series called on BBC about a peacekeeping tank regiment in Kosovo about 10 years ago. I think it was only about 3 episodes?

What was the name of the television show that had the following theme song It's about time it's about space it's about time you got out of this place?

That was Sherwood Schwartz's 1966 series It's About Time which only lasted one season. The theme song starts out: It's about time It's about space About two men in the strangest place... You ca... Read More »