What is a horizon line in art?

Answer In artistic terms, the horizon line is the line at which the ground meets the sky. This forms a line across the field of vision.PerspectiveThe horizon line is key to drawing perspective and foresho... Read More »

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What is the Horizon Gold Card?

A Horizon Gold Card is a line of credit, issued by Horizon Card Services, that can only be used at the online Horizon Gold Store. The card is not issued through a credit services organization, fina... Read More »

What new advancements or treatments are on the horizon for type 1 diabetics?

Probably nothing, they always have some new "great, wow, fantastic get your diabetes cured here" invention thingy every few months but it fades into nothing.*sigh

What does journeying the horizon mean in the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Answer "Journeying the horizon" - means living your life, reaching your dreams, and experiencing the world around you. Man Dreams of his ships on the horizons and the adventures they experience. In... Read More »

How far can the human eye see to the horizon?

The horizon is not a fixed distance away, but varies with the landscape and with the height of the observer above the ground. Under most circumstances, the horizon is only a few miles in the distan... Read More »