What is The Correct Shoe for Excessive Pronation?

Answer Excessive pronation is a condition where the foot rolls too far inward and downward as you walk. Some pronation is normal, but too much causes the arch to flatten and soft tissue to stretch. In ord... Read More »

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What would cause excessive sweating in a toddler i.e. meaning excessive with no known reason such as heat or running and playing etc?

Some children do sweat more. If the child is found to be otherwise normal there is no need to worry.

What is under pronation?

Without proper apparel, runners can get injured by repetitive stress placed on their joints and muscles. Often dependent on foot-arch type, pronation is the type of gait or movement that runners u... Read More »

What is an over pronation of the foot?

Over pronation is when the normal pronation movement throughout the gait cycle is excessive. It is a common biomechanical dysfunction, but can cause discomfort and possible serious injuries to indi... Read More »

What is forefoot pronation?

Forefoot pronation is a medical condition in which the front part of the foot tilts overly inward. This condition often affects runners and cyclists, and usually is corrected with special footwear.... Read More »