What is Terminator Technology?

Answer Neural networks / artificial intelligence.

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Why terminator 1 has got 100% reviews and terminator 2 has got little bit less than it?

Some people believe that sequels can never be better than the original movie. Some people also don't follow up on sequels and trilogies, they believe it ruins the original.

Was the terminator a cyborg?

If you mean the Schwarzenegger terminator, then yes. His insides were metal, but his skin was living tissue. All other terminators are cyborgs, too (except for the mimetic poly-alloy ones, like T-1... Read More »

How good does Terminator 2 sound with 5.1?

Terminator 2 sounds awesome with 5.1. It was nominated and won oscars for best sound design and sound editing at the time. I have T2 on Bluray, the Skynet edtiion, and I am genuinely surprised how ... Read More »

Terminator Mustang Information?

The Ford Mustang SVT Cobra was first manufactured by the Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) in 1980 as a prototype car. During the development of the 2003 Cobra SVT, the team codenamed it "Terminator,... Read More »