Guarana, taurine, yerba mate - how do these increase your energy?

Answer Taurine is meant to help your body utilise stored fat for energy... and it also helps absorb particular nutrients.. like magnesium and calcium for example. I tried some this month (I had $15.00 cre... Read More »

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Is guarana bad?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsAccording to the Guarana Extract Organization, guarana is a plant found primarily in the Amazon regions of South America. It has a high amount of naturally occurring... Read More »

Is guarana good?

On One Hand: High Caffeine ConcentrationGuarana is a berry that grows in Venezuela and northern Brazil; it has high concentrations of caffeine, according to a article. Some guarana-base... Read More »

Is guarana better than coffee?

On One Hand: Guarana Health BenefitsGuarana supporters enjoy the stimulating effects in a powder form to mix with juice or water, or as a capsule. It has been used in Brazilian medicine as a diet a... Read More »

Is Guarana Good for Arthritis?

On One Hand: Guarana Said to Treat ArthritisGuarana is a berry that grows in Venezuela and northern Brazil. The berries contain seeds that when ground up contain high concentrations of caffeine. A... Read More »