What is the standard distance of Army range targets?

Answer The Fort A.P. Hill U.S. Army Training facilities list training ranges at 25 meters for small arms (handgun) fire; 100 to 1,300 meters for machine gun qualifications; field fire (rifle) ranges of 75... Read More »

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How to Make Bow Targets?

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How to Reset Pistol Targets?

Reusable pistol targets are made of a circle of soft metal attached to a hard metal arm. The arm swivels, so that when the force of the bullet hits the target, the target falls down. This means the... Read More »

How to Make Soda Can Targets?

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How to Use Skill Targets on RuneScape?

The Skill Targets system on RuneScape is useful for when you are skilling and would like to see how much further you need to go before you will reach your goal. When you have chosen your skill targ... Read More »