What is T1 line Internet?

Answer Data (such as telephone and Internet) is transferred to our computers and telephones through a variety of lines. One of these is a T1 line, which is a dedicated connection. These lined often are le... Read More »

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What is a T1 Internet line?

T1 lines are broadband Internet connections which run over telephone wires that transmit digital signals. This type of connection has incredible reliability, but does not come cheap.FeaturesT1 Inte... Read More »

Can I get the Internet without a phone line?

Many types of Internet connections do not require phone lines. Internet technologies that do not require a phone line include cable, wireless, cellular and satellite. Some of these are available ev... Read More »

Do you need a phone line to get the internet?

Well if they offer cable modem, that runs thru your cable tv lines, dsl and dial up run thru the phone lines.

Do I need a phone line for wireless internet?

Wireless Internet does not need a phone line. To connect to the Internet using wireless, you will need to be near a wireless network connection. Some connections will be secured, and you will need ... Read More »