What is Survival Adaptation?

Answer All living things need to adapt in order to survive in their particular environment in a particular way. Adaptations take generations to develop. Animals and plants that are unable to adapt to chan... Read More »

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Two Different Processes of Adaptation?

Adaptation is the primary driving force of evolution, as it is the process through which an organism gains a trait that helps it survive. An adaptation is deemed successful if the organism passes i... Read More »

What is cellular adaptation?

Cellular adaptation is a self-induced process where changes in a cell are made in response to adverse environmental stress and stimuli. Types of cellular adaptation include shrinking (atrophy), get... Read More »

Chimpanzee Adaptation?

Chimpanzees have a number of adaptations that help them to survive and succeed in their natural environment. Chimpanzees are native to many east and central African countries, including Cameroon, ... Read More »

What is economic adaptation?

Economics is a social science study on how consumers act under certain financial and market environments. Free market societies usually provide the best environment for studying economic activity a... Read More »