How to Be Stubborn?

Answer This is a "How to" for anyone who wants to be more stubborn. Perhaps you feel like a doormat, or you feel that people just don't listen to you. Being stubborn can help you to be more assertive and ... Read More »

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How to pop a stubborn zit?

Use hot water on towels to make compresses. Apply to zit. Heat will make the pus rise and come to a head.

How to Train a Stubborn Dog?

Some dogs just don't seem to respond to any kind of training method. This can be frustrating, but don't give up. Almost any dog can be broken!

How to get rid of a stubborn clog?

The Blockage is most probably the drain your sink water runs into. This drain has a U bend built into it. The U bend is to prevent sewer smells getting into your sink. This U bend has a water trap ... Read More »

How to Walk a Stubborn Dog?

No thanks, I'd rather stand here than go for a walk...When your very stubborn canine pal just won't join in for a walk, you're going to have to try a number of ruses to get him excited!