What is Stop Gap Insurance?

Answer In all 50 states, liability auto insurance is required by law. Lenders also may require you to maintain full coverage to protect their investment. For your own peace of mind, you may want to consid... Read More »

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What Happens If You Stop Insurance on a Leased Vehicle?

Dropping insurance coverage on a leased vehicle has its consequences. Just as when making payments on an auto loan, when leasing a vehicle auto insurance protects the lien holder from loss.

At what age do you stop covering your kids on insurance?

State laws stipulate that a dependent's coverage terminates as young as 19 years of age or as old as 31. Each state's specific requirements for continued coverage varies. Ultimately, the insurance ... Read More »

How to Stop Gap Health Insurance?

Most Americans receiving health insurance coverage benefit from employer-sponsored policies which guarantee a wide range of services. Medically necessary services approved by the insurer fall under... Read More »

Can a Company Legally Stop Providing Insurance?

In all of its many forms, insurance is important to protect your financial future, valuable property and the health of your family. Buying and managing insurance is a complex process that can becom... Read More »