What is Spain's money called?

Answer In 2002 Spain adopted the euro as its official currency. This includes both coins and paper money (banknotes). There are seven denominations of each. Coins range in value from one cent to two euros... Read More »

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What are Spains crops?

Spain grows grain, vegetables, olives, wine grapes, sugar beets, and citrus in that order.See the related link for a more complete list of agricultural crops in Spain.

What is money called in Russia?

The ruble (sometimes spelled "rouble") is the name of the currency in Russia, and has been for several hundred years. The name "ruble" comes from the Russian word "rubit," meaning "to chop."Source:... Read More »

What is money in Germany called?

Since January 2002, the euro has been the legal currency of Germany. Although Germany was a founding nation of the European Central Bank and converted to the euro for accounting purposes in 1999, t... Read More »

What is cuban money called?

Cuba has two currencies, the Peso Convertible (CUC) and the Peso Cubano (CUP). As of March 2010, 1 CUC is equal to $1.12 U.S.; however, there are additional fees when exchanging U.S. dollars for CU... Read More »