What is Solaris?

Answer Solaris is a UNIX operating system originally written for Sun Microsystems hardware. UNIX was originally designed as a proprietary operating system by AT&T employees and now has numerous variants, ... Read More »

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How to Burn a DVD With Solaris?

Solaris is an operating system that bills itself as the number one enterprise operating system, due to its stability and performance. The operating system offers many features and system types to ... Read More »

Setting up internet on solaris 10?

Wow. Solaris is not for a beginner! Good for you.This setup is a little involved for typing into this answer screen.If /etc/resolv.conf does not exist or is empty, check that your DHCP server is pr... Read More »

How do I change the date in Solaris?

Open a TerminalRight click on your Solaris desktop, click "Desktop" and click "Open Terminal." If you're using the Java Desktop System, click "Applications," "System Tools" and "Terminal" instead.C... Read More »

How to Restart a POP Server in Solaris 9?

The post office protocol (POP) server controls incoming email for all clients connected to Solaris 9. Inetd controls all light Internet services running on Solaris. This includes the incoming and o... Read More »