What is Sir Joseph Banks famous for?

Answer Sir Joseph Banks was an English botanist responsible for collecting botanical specimens. He founded Kew Gardens and used the collected specimens to stock it. Banks was president of the Royal Societ... Read More »

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Who was Joseph Banks?

Joseph Banks was a famous botanist from England. Born in 1743 in Lincolnshire, Banks traveled with James Cook to the South Pacific, where he discovered new planet specimens in Tahiti and New Zealan... Read More »

What plant was named after Sir Joseph Banks?

The plant genus Banksia was named for Sir Joseph Banks. The genus includes 72 species, most of which are from Australia. One species is from New Guinea. It is believed that Banksia was the first pl... Read More »

What did Joseph Banks call the Maori in 1769?

Sir Joseph Banks, a British explorer and naturalist, wrote of the Polynesian art of "tattow" after witnessing the act being done on a native and later became intrigued by the art of Maori face tatt... Read More »

What is Joseph E Johnston famous for?

He was the Confederate General famous for winning the first pitched battle of the war, Bull Run/Manassas.But he was most strongly identified with his brilliant tactical retreat from Chattanooga to ... Read More »