Hairstyles for Short Hair- Bobs & Stacked or Wedge Bobs?

Answer Having short hair doesn't mean that you have to be stuck with a simple hair cut. You can get your hair styled into a chic bob and still be able to wear it differently each day. Or, you can even get... Read More »

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What is a silent real estate investor?

A silent real estate investor is someone who contributes money to fund a real estate project but isn't involved in the management of the business. This person makes an investment, allowing the mana... Read More »

How do you take your iPhone off silent when your silent switch has broken off?

you are best off asking this question on the apple forum website. they will give you a lot of info and if you still get no response you are better off taking it into a phone shop they may also help... Read More »

Which is better Toms or Bobs?

Hmm well they both kinda look the same and all but I think toms win. They kinda did come out first I think and they super comfy:)

What is the name of sponge bobs brother?